Schools to visit

Here you can find useful information about the schools we are going to visit during the meeting.
It can also become a place where showing some other schools in our area, region or country if ICT is relevant enough.


The two Primary Schools that we will visit are CEIP Juan de Mena and CEIP Salvador Vinuesa. In the two centers is taught kindergarten (3 to 6 years) and Primary Education (6 to 12 years). Both centers are involved in Educational Innovation Projects such as ICT School Plan 2.0, Multilingualism Plan, Plan of Support for Families.
ICT School Plan 2.0
The program, contemplates the endowment of portable computers to the student of 5 º and 6 º course of the Primary Education. With this plan, the portable computer has turned into one more tool for the education that goes beyond the classrooms, linking to student body, professorship and families. This plan is carried out of form generalized in all the educational centers.
Plurilingualism Promotion Plan
This plan promotes the teaching and learning in the areas of science and art education, using English as the language for the acquisition of its contents.
Equality Plan
This plan involves actually contribute to the development of values ​​that promote a true equality between men and women in all areas of public and private life. This plan is carried out extensively in all schools.
School Sport Project
This project pretende create habits and attitudes in which predominates the values ​​of participation, fair play, fellowship, coeducation and those that make us feel more united, freer and happier.
Plan of Support for Families
This service consists of Classroom Morning, from 7.30 until 9:00 am, the center opens to accommodate the children of families who, for personal or business reasons, need to be serviced first hour. In this is included breakfast.
This plan also includes school meals from 14.00 am to 16.00. Students lunch and conducts coexistence.This plan is staffed by trained personnel, school monitors.
Extracurricular Activities like learning information technology and communication, sports, English, dance, arts education...all afternoon.
Plan Quality and Performance Improvement School
This program seeks, in addition to improving students' academic performance, promote good teaching practices and concern for innovation and lifelong learning by teachers. Ultimately seeking to improve the quality of the education system.

This is a Primary School which has celebrated its 25 anniversary. This center participates in other projects, besides those mentioned above.
ICT Centre of Teaching Practice and Management. (Since 2005).
This School implemented a project of information technologies and communication
The center features:
Therapeutic Education, which serves those students who have educational needs especiales.
Hearing and Language Education. It refieres integration of students who are deficient in the acquisition or development of language.
This center participates in other projects, besides those mentioned above.
ICT Centre of Teaching Practice and Management. (Since 2005).
School implemented a project of integration of information technologies and communication education.
School WEB
School Newspaper
Helvia Educational Platform

The Primary Education Center was recently renovated and features a group of 40 teachers. Center participates in other projects of Educative Innovation Projects, besides those mentioned above.
Plan of Occupaciona Health and Prevention of Occupational Hazards
This plan try to implement strategies and actions planned to carry out health promotion work, the reduction of occupational accidents and diseases related to the workplace and improve working conditions.
Project “Watch”
The aim is to provide material support to the development of road safety education in schools in our region.
School WEB


The two high schools we are going to visit during your stay in Córdoba, IES Gran Capitán and IES Alhaken II, were in their origins the same educational institution. In 1990 they became separate not only as different high schools but also in different places of the city. Both of them take part in the Plurilingualism Promotion Plan, a language policy for Andalusian society

IES Gran Capitán is a big high school that offers students great opportunities to choose among different studies:
- Compulsory Secondary Education (ESO diploma) - 12 to 16 years of age.
- Post-Compulsory Schooling (Bachillerato) two years of schooling - 16 to 18 years of age
- Vocational Training Courses: Middle Grade Training Cycles, which have the ESO diploma as a requirement, and Superior-level Training Cycles, which have the Spanish Bachillerato as the principal requirement.
After completion of Bachillerato or Superior-level Training Cycle, students are entitled to direct entrance to several related University degrees.
Vocational training courses in IES Gran Capitán include: Gastronomy, Catering, Accomodation, Travel Agency and Computer studies. The Travel Agency Vocational Course is taught in english as this cycle was selected in the Plurilingualism Promotion Plan of Andalucia in 2006.

IES Gran Capitán also participates in some educative innovation projects as well as in the Communication and Information New Technologies Project in Andalucia (TIC Project)

IES Alhaken II offers educational opportunities for students from 12 to 18:
- Compulsory Secondary Education (ESO diploma)
- Post-Compulsory Schooling (Bachillerato)

From 2006 they are in the Plurilingualism Promotion Plan and students are taught Phisical education, Geography, History, Music and Technology in french.
IES Alhaken II also participates in educative innovation projects related to the use of new technologies in the subjects of mathematics and english.