Schools receive software for integrating ICT in teaching most of the subjects, through the AEL programme. All the teachers had to attend the training on using AEL in the classroom. Moreover, the Education Ministry created SEI, the Romanian portal with computer-based education resources.
Still, not all the departments have the necessary software to use the resources they have in schools. For example, in my school, the foreign language department is allowed to use the interactive whiteboard, but doesn´t have the software to do that.

Software in Slovakia and in Czech Republic:
schools usually use Microsoft Office and Operating System also from Microsoft (XP, Vista, Windows 7). Sometimes you can see in Slovakia also free SW “Open Office”. For the administration of schools partly schools have SW called “ASC agenda”. In Czech Republic is popular for managing SW “Bakalari” which is for printing of certificates, creating of schedules, collecting data.

Poland and Germany basically use Windows 7 Microsoft office products, pdf. There is usually a special price for schools for their software. Linux is unusual in most schools. Some publishers provide e-learning platforms, sometimes very expensive, sometimes not very reliable or interesting. Moodle for a lot of schools and universities.

France :
SIALLE, a selection of freeware designed for the educational community
SIALLE (Free Educational Software Information and Analysis Service) is based on a service that evaluates software according to strict criteria
  • educational value;
  • the content’s scientific quality;
  • technical aspect.
A list of software :

Scotland: Software
In schools the choice of software is determined nationally, and funded nationally. Schools will also however use many free software applications where appropriate. The government tends to fund the purchase of commercial products rather than invest in creating their own. Predominantly across all educational sectors we use:
· Microsoft Office
· Windows
Other commercial products used include:
· Respondus
· Studymate
· WimbaCreate
· Quia
· Captivate
· Photoshop
· Flash
· Moviemaker
Other non-commercial products:
· Hot Potatoes
· Xerte
In terms of VLE use there is no national VLE across the whole sector. The schools have the GLOW platform, although strictly this is an intranet with other capabilities. In Colleges and Universities the two market leaders are Blackboard and Moodle, but there is an increasing move towards Moodle. There is also an increasing move to the use of Sharepoint for staff intranets.


The Educational Office supported by the Hungarian Education Ministry manages a webside called which contains all the curriculums and many works to practise. Many educational cd-s dvd-s are edited by them and they are offered to the schools for using it