Using ICT in teaching languages is a must in order to make these classes more interactive and communicative; using it in teaching difficult subjects like exact sciences is advisable to keep the students´ interest high. At the same time, using computers in tutoring classes is absolutely necessary, since these classes are always considered boring and not useful by students. Actually, the entire curriculum needs a refresh by using the computer-based learning.

France :

B2i: assessment tool

The B2i, or information technology and Internet proficiency certificate, is the tool used for assessing the student’s level of proficiency. Incorporated in the primary education curriculum since 2002, it was updated in 2006 for primary, middle and secondary schools as well as apprentice training centres overseen by the Ministry of Education. An IT application, “GIBII plus”, is being developed to help teachers validate B2i skills. That should improve the reliability of the B2i indicator for the LOLF (financial reform bill of 2001).

TURKEY: In Turkey all curricula was updated in primary level and secondary level. But ICT software was not so relavent to this new curricula. When preparing new software it should be taken into acoount that students will benefit from this software at class and home. These should improve analytical and crtical thining of students for examle they should simulate some experiments etc. These sofwares should be distrubuted to students free of charge in order to decrease effect of socio-economic bakground on success.