In pre-teaching stage, while preparing to become a teacher, beginners had already studied a pedagogical module in university, the equivalent of beginner teacher certificate. Still, they are not trained in using ICT in class. The new education law requires beginner teachers to attend a teaching master in pedagogical studies, but nothing is established about integrating ICT in teaching. In their first year of teaching, beginners will have to choose a mentor, who obviously should train the beginner in using modern technological resources and methods in class, but this year of preparation is not evaluated according to certain criteria. So, in the end, it´s the beginner´s luck to find a mentor trusting the role of ICT in education.

Spain: ICT is no longer a subject but a tool for students who want to become a teacher. As in other levels in our educative system, the use of ICT will depend on the teacher and not in the curriculum. From these last years onwards, Universities are changing and adapting their plans to the new challenges from Bolonia. It is the case of the one for teachers that we are going to visit on friday the 6th.

In Turkey every year 30.000 additional teacher are hired. Education Faculties are main source for teacher profession. But there is mismatch between training in what universities give and what schools need. We should strengthen this tie. Curricula of schools based on ICT practices should be followed by universities and they should update themselves. Also ICT infrastructures of Education Faculties should be improved. With this aim there are efforts ongoing now.

Pre-teacher, Teachers at the University in Slovakia and in Czech Republic:
ICT is mostly no longer a subject of education but a tool for pre-teachers and University teachers, except students which are preparing to be an ICT teacher (or also maths teacher). Generally for pre-teachers and University teachers it is their self-study.
Poland and Bavaria:
· Pre-service teacher training (University) – general programme how to use a computer, but not focused on methodology (how to use ICT to teach other subjects, eg. foreign languages).
We would advise our governments first to change curriculum for teacher training so that it contains ICT integration into teaching and not only IT classes. Cross-subject courses should be compulsary.

France :
C2i® level 2, “teacher”: this certificate aims to improve teachers’ ICT skills so that they can prepare students for the B2i®.

ICT is a subject and a tool for students who want to become well-educated in the computer world and wanted to be a teacher. In our educative system, the use of ICT depends on the teacher to use it and not in the curriculum, but the state support it.